Levana CT1000 Digital Wireless Child Tracker Wrist Watch and Kid Finder/Locator $42.33

$42.33 On Sale Now – Free Shipping

  • Locate Your Child – Your child wears the watch and you can track it with the receiver. When you press the find button, your child’s watch beeps and LEDs on the receiver point in the direction of your child.
  • Be Alerted When Your Child Moves Out of Range – The receiver will beep when your child walks a certain distance from you. You can set the range (16-32ft, 26-65ft, 49-98ft) to ensure that you will always be alerted when your child is too far away.
  • This System is Expandable – Your can purchase 3 additional watches to monitor a total of 4 children. Be alerted when any of them travel out of range (Watch model: CT1001)
  • Know How Close Your Child Is – The receiver beeps faster and the LEDs blink faster when your child is close, and they slow down when your child is far.
  • Rechargable Watch for Everyday Use – Convenient charger base and rechargable lithium battery for watch.

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