VistaPrint Clearance Sale: Up to 90% off + freebies

25% to 75% Off All Products at VistaPrint!

VistaPrint Clearance Sale: Up to 90% off + freebies VistaPrint slashes up to 90% off select postcards, envelopes, labels, rubber stamps, and more during its Spring Clearance Sale. That puts many items at or near lowest-we’ve-seen prices. Shipping adds $5.97, with faster delivery times costing more. Of note, also offers several “free” items, although shipping charges apply:

  • 250 personalized business cards for free
  • rubber stamp for free
  • custom printed T-shirt for free
  • 100 postcards for free
  • 25 business card magnets for free
  • 10 invitations or announcements for free
  • 140 return address labels for free

3 thoughts on “VistaPrint Clearance Sale: Up to 90% off + freebies

  1. Hubbers

    Please don’t use VistaPrint or recommend it to your readers.

    Using Vistaprint could very likely lead to you being signed up to FAKE discount clubs and hundreds of dollars being taken from you Visa/bank without your knowledge or permission.

    I have a huge blog post with all the details of all of the different scamming sites Vistaprint and Adaptive Affinity run and how best to get a refund.

    If you don’t believe me check this blog and the scores of comments form people who have been ripped off!

    Or try Googling “Vistaprint scam”

    You can also sign this petition!

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for the comment. I’ve personally used them several years ago with great results, however they do seem to be getting a bit spammy with the Emails lately.

  3. Anonymous

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